Monday, April 6, 2009

Major Project #1 - The Pre-Move Paint & Clean

So before we could even move in, we had to scrub the entire house and repaint the interior. This required a small army of family members who drove hundreds of miles and never once asked if we were crazy or stupid. Did we mention we got a great deal?

After toiling, we then moved all our belongings out of the apartment and into the OAH. It was a great time, really. Just ask any of them. My mom sat up all night writing cute notes that she secretly stuck in every box. Every once and awhile, we still find one. Thanks Bonnie!

When moving into a house that requires sanitizing and an interior paint overhaul, it is important to allow more than two days to remove 20 years of deferred cleaning and cover up that experimental sponge painting that never should have been. We were lucky that the house came with built-in drop cloths, the carpet.

The dirt from the kitchen windows, yuk!
The original door that was one of the saving graces, and the experimental sponge paint

Part of our moving army, thank you everyone!

The heat made us crazy, and we had to include this photo of Eric somehwere

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