Monday, December 28, 2009

Time off

We have been enjoying our new space and have not completed any home improvement projects in the last six months. We have been too busy sitting in our new comfy sofa and watching our new flat screen TV -both rewards for finishing the upstairs- to be bothered with anything else.

But, we are getting antsy and feel like we need to get busy soon. We've started cleaning out the "crap room," which has housed anything that didn't have a spot for the past six years. Until recently, we would just open the door, drop the item in need of storage, turn, and exit. It was our dirty little secret. However, we have emptied the room of most of its contents, made multiple trips to the Savers donation center, and found a lot of treasures that we had forgotten about.

We're beginning to formulate the floor plan and will get started soon. The Old Arnold bedroom will transform into the new master bath!