Friday, April 10, 2009

Casa de Shed to Garden Shed

Last summer, we thought we could move the old, dilapidated garden shed to a better location in the yard and give it a fresh coat of paint. Little did we know that the simple project would require rebuilding the shed from the ground up.

We also learned some interesting facts about the Arnolds, in particular their adult son who could not be trusted home alone. Turns out his mother made him sleep in the shed when she went away. This is not the weirdest thing we've heard about the Arnolds.

The shed before the renovation (Casa de Arnold), note the wonkiness

We learned from a neighbor that the son purchased a shed kit (for an absurd amount of money). He and a friend assembled it but failed to follow the instructions, or the color-coded rafter ends (some neighbors tell of excessive beer drinking during this effort). As a result, the structure lacked any square corners and the flood dipped. However, they did a great job of assembling small vinyl flooring scraps to create a nice patchwork effect. We were tempted to leave the floor in place and host neighborhood dance parties.

Our revised plan was to dismantle the building and rebuilt it entirely. The only materials we could salvage were the rafters, which we had to dismantle and reassemble. The 12 year old neighbor kid was up to this task and did a great job!

(Here are our dogs reacting to the removal of the "dance floor," they had been stalking the rabbit family that lived under there for a few years. Note the patchwork floor)

We created a new floor (obviously), situated it on piers (goodbye dip), reused the rafters, extended the roof line, shingled it to match the house, sided it in T1-11, added trim, rebuilt the doors, added a skylight (very fancy), built a ramp, painted it (inside and all), and built a sweet shelving unit. To commemorate the completion, we had a grand shed re-opening party. The neighbors came, got a tour, and enjoyed beer.

The end result (pre-ramp, skylight is not visible). It is so nice and comfy that I threaten to make Addison sleep in it when I travel. If it had electricity, he might take me up on this offer.

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