Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bathroom, Take Five

It all started with the old-gravity grate vent in the bathroom ceiling that connects our future master bedroom closet to the shower below. As we framed in the new closet, we knew that it was finally time to pull the grate and replace the Old Arnold Wall Fan with a ceiling fan. Rather than stopping with the ceiling fan, we decided to completely repaint the bathroom.

The old cast iron grate, looking down into the shower

It is important to note that this was not an original bathroom. We figure that this is the second indoor bathroom, with the first upstairs that has since been converted into a bedroom. The main floor bathroom was created sometime around 1965 by someone who didn't throw much wallboard away.

We have already done extensive bathroom jobs: 1) Cleaning and painting 2) Adding a sink - we don't know how they managed without one, and a custom-built medicine cabinet 3) leveling the floor, replacing the old faux parquet vinyl with new vinyl 4) Adding new lighting.

Project 1, clean and paint - note the wall fan, missing sink, and original peach color

To complete this project, we added a new fan where the grate once was and redid the electrical. Once we pulled out the old wall fan and filled the hole in the wall, Addison couldn't stop mudding. We now have flat walls where there were pock marks.

The new color, Thunder Bay (pronounced Tunder Beh, eh) is the perfect shade for the space and will look great with crisp white trim. We are looking forward to Bathroom, Take Six scheduled to take place when the upstairs bathroom is complete and we can completely reconfigure the shower, sink, and toilet.

The end result, the photo doesn't do the color justice

Objects found: Yellow game piece, mother or pearl button, marble, sequin, piece of a Smith Brother cough drop box, a century of dust and debris, a handful of nuts

Lessons learned: Never go the paint store alone the evening before you plan to paint, I sat at the counter with a dozen chips and had to call Addison twice. I second guessed my pick until it was dry, now I think I'm awesome.


  1. If you don't mind a tip; the next time you are trying to decide on a colour, some paint stores have little "samplers" of the colours you are interested in. There is enough to paint a small area but enough for you to see the final colour when it has dried. You can paint your choices side by side or and leave them for a short time before you make up your mind. I'm in the same situation now. Who knew there were so many shades of green!!!?

  2. We did that same thing with green also(we will post the whole story later). Our first attempt was a lot darker green than we ended up with. In our case we ended up with a gallon size sample size! Good tip.